A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

2119. War has Begun. Corrupt AI have taken control of all global military forces. The last hold out; Brisbane, Australia. It's up to you, Captain Silver Skye, to defend humanity from extinction. Save us!


  • Choose from over 20 different loadout combinations
  • Zoom through the futuristic cyberpunk city in hand drawn pixel art 
  • Fly drones, perform fantastic aerial flips and tricks
  • Defeat multiple enemies in quick succession for combo points and beat your dad's highscore
  • Fight your way through with guns blazing and defeat the Mothership!


"Great work! I really like this game. The graphics are beautifully designed and the music really suits the mood and aesthetic of the game."

"I would more than once pay $2 to play this at Netherworld!"

"Love the music in general but the highscore music is really awesome."


Jonathan Michell: @jono_mich

Evie Gibbons: @eviezgames

Zac Hood: @ZacquiriHood


Skye_V1.1.zip 34 MB
Skye_V1.1_Mac.zip 34 MB


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